Welcome - I'm Jeff R. Clow of Dallas, Texas and you've reached my personal website. 

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If you've found this site, you probably already know a bit about me.  I'm a former EVP of Information Resources, Inc (IRI) and President of Neo - IRI's consulting division.  I started my career at Procter and Gamble and have had a fair amount of success at leadership positions throughout my career.  I currently am an independent Leadership Consultant and an author/photographer.

Over the course of my professional consulting career, I've been involved with dozens of companies worldwide - including Motorola, Shell Oil, Johnson and Johnson, Kraft Foods, Sara Lee, the American Heart Association, Hallmark, Dr Pepper/Snapple and many others.  I pride myself at being able to connect with employees at all levels within an organization - from the entry level new hire to the Chief Executive Officer.

I'm also self taught in photography and I really enjoy helping others to improve their photography skills as I've improved mine over the last several years.   I have a small company - Jeff Clow Photo Tours - that hosts small group photo tours across some of the best landscape and nature sites in North America.

Here's a link to my Flickr account where much of my work is displayed:

Here's also an online article about my photography if you'd like to know more about that aspect of my background:

I respond to every email I receive.  I do travel extensively, however, so it may take me a day or two to respond. 

I finished my first eBook last year - The $9.99 Dirt Cheap Photo Guide to Grand Teton National Park.  12 chapters and almost 25,000 words about the best shooting locations in the park.  The famous ones - like Oxbow Bend and Moulton Barn - and the virtually unknown sites like Buffalo Fork Ridge and Hedrick Pond Overlook.  Easy to read with specific driving directions on how to get to each site, and when you should plan to shoot at each location.  Also packed with my own personal photo interpretations of each place with some tips and techniques that I use to best capture landscape and wildlife with my lens.

You can download a free chapter or purchase a copy for any of the many eBook formats (iPad, Kindle, Nook, etc.) at:

The readers who've used it in Grand Teton National Park this past year tell me it has been invaluable at helping them use their time most effectively while they visited the park.  If you're headed to the Tetons this year - or just wish you were - you'd probably enjoy reading this book.

And here's an added hidden venue - on the inner Teton Park Road headed south past Jenny Lake and just north of the road to Signal Mountain - is the Signal Mountain Lodge.  Park your car in the larger driveway just north of the gas station and walk down behind the restuarant west of the parking lot.  You'll normally see boats in the water and if the wind is gentle, a perfect reflection of Mt Moran will appear that is different from any other reflection in the park.  This is shot that most visitors don't know about and it is seldom photographed.

If you're interested in utilizing my services in any way, please feel free to reach out to me via phone or email.

You can also find my photo work for sale at this site:

You can contact me directly via my cell phone number : 940-231-7223.  

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